Vastu Prediction
Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science which combines the positive energy of elements of nature and directions to provide a stress free, healthy living. Vastu compliant residences are free from vastu dosh and thus the residents are happy and prosperous.
Mrs. Sheela Saraf is a expert in Vastu Shastra and boasts of many high profile clients like builders, corporate czars, cine artists etc.
Brings together various natural sources of energy

Vastu Shastra enhances the positivity of natural elements like sun, fire, air and water and brings together their natural energies to promote Prosperity and Growth.

Brings happiness

Being in sync with the cosmic energy and forces of nature brings good vibes and promotes happiness. Get guidance from Sheela ji to do so.

Brings wealth

Getting rid of clutter and repairing leaky taps to many such small changes can bring wealth and luck to your house. MRs. Sheela Saraf will guide you

Brings strength to relationships

Improvement in your bedroom suggested by a vastu expert can aid in building strong relationships.

Brings growth

Troubled by slow or no growth in your professional life? The answer lies in the vastu of your house or office.

Peace of Mind

Get rid of the vastu dosh which is the cause of your mental agony with expert advice from Mrs. Sheela Saraf


Godess Laxmi has her abode in a happy home with positive vibes. Bring in Prosperity by removing negative elements from your house.

Good Health

Your body is the only place you live in and wealth without health provides no enjoyment.