Welcome to Numerology Expert--- Your friend in times of distress. We shall advise you and help you deal with the problems facing your life through Numerology, Astrology , Vastu Correction and Pujas.


It is one of the branches of ancient knowledge that deals with the significance of numbers. Numbers related to your name and birth can affect your personal and professional life.

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Vastu shastra is the Hindu way of architechture that stresses on the importance of each direction and combines all the elements of nature and uses both these to create positive impact on health, wealth and success.

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Astrology is also called the Jyotish Shastra and deals with the planetary positions at the time of birth of a person. Get your Horoscope made by us and also get it read by our expert astrologers.

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We at Numerology Expert advise you on the Pujas to be performed for positivity in your life. We have expert pandits for these Pujas. We also perform various Hindu Pujas like Satyanarayan Dev Puja, Rudrabhishek , Nav Grah Puja etc. Contact us in person for the same.

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